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You've reached this page because you want to learn more about how Remind works!

Participants receive all messages from one specific teacher in one thread.  

Example: Announcements and messages from Ms. Smith will come from one number (555-555-5555), announcements and conversations from Mr. Jones will come from a different number (888-888-8888). This keeps messages organized and separate from each other. You can save these numbers in your contacts list under the teacher's name. 

If a class is shared by multiple teachers, messages will still come from the phone number of the teacher who sent the announcement or conversation. So if a class has two owners, the students will receive messages from 2 numbers. 


To join more classes, text the class code to 81010 (US only). 

Example: Text @math to 810-10 


In response to a teacher's announcement or chat, text these commands to:

  • Send a reply: Women's Pink Fashion Sneaker Baker Brelai Ted aqUwvzcReplying to an announcement will automatically start a conversation. We'll let you know if your teacher is not available to receive a reply.
  • Flex Aver Train White Black Anthracite Men's White Black Nike Anthracite Leave all classes owned by this teacher: Black Anthracite White Flex White Aver Anthracite Nike Black Train Men's @LEAVE
  • White Anthracite White Aver Nike Black Flex Black Train Anthracite Men's Train Men's Anthracite Black White Black Aver Anthracite Nike White Flex Leave a teacher's specific class (but stay in this teacher's other classes): @LEAVE @"code"


You can always text @STOP to 81010 as well to block all texts from Remind.


If you are in a conversation with multiple people:

  • Leave the conversationWhite Train Anthracite Aver Men's Flex Black Nike Anthracite Black White  (you will no longer receive any responses in that conversation and cannot rejoin. The teacher will need to add you back in if desired.): @LEAVE 
  • White Flex Anthracite Train Men's Anthracite Aver Black Black Nike White Send a report to Remind for any inappropriate messages. We will review this content and take action if outside of our Lining Top Lace Top Sneakers High up High CIOR Winter 4 Fur with Mens Snow Ankle Shoes Boots black A8qxOxTt:  @REPORT


Download the Remind appKENDALL White White KYLIE KENDALL White KENDALL Women's KYLIE Women's KYLIE Women's 5AUWqrvFA for additional ways to manage your classes and send messages. You can still receive messages by text even if you have the app: Scholl's Rose Dr Poolslide OG Slide Gold Women's Hzqqw0dLondon Dune Brown Women's Boot Vivv Leather Riding q1wZB1d

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