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Boots KingRover Women's Boots Fashion Thick Black Zipper Lace up Sole Strap Buckle Rubber Martens xU7wgqxR

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Oticon Opn™

A new kind of hearing instrument

Listen to multiple speakers in noisy environments. Focus on what’s important to you and switch attention if you want to.

Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress all others. Oticon Opn™ is so fast it can give you access to multiple speakers around you that you want to listen to and reduce noise at the same time.

Opn is rechargeable!

Enjoy the sound quality of Opn, and the extra benefits of rechargeability. Available for all Opn miniRITE devices.Turn any Opn miniRITE hearing device into a rechargeable solution with the new ZPower battery door.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • There is no need to replace batteries
  • Charge the instruments overnight for a full day’s use


Audéo B-R

Phonak Audéo B hearing aids were created to simplify your life and make hearing effortless. What makes Audéo B so special is its unique operating system called AutoSense OS. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way. All you have to do is turn them on, and the rest is automatic. And with the rechargeable Audéo B-R, you can now enjoy 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing; Phonak rechargeable hearing aids were created to simplify your life. Finally, a chance to free yourself from the hassles of disposable batteries with a groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion battery technology. And because it’s a Phonak, you can always be assured of superior hearing performance.


ReSound LiNX 3D Rechargeable 

Power and performance

ReSound LiNX 3D gives you superior sound quality and speech recognition, connectivity to your favorite devices and the unique ReSound Assist for remote fine-tuning when you need some extra support. Now it's available with a convenient rechargeable option.


Pure Charge & Go Nx

Rechargeability plus connectivity: The all-around solution to address your needs, Pure® Charge&Go combines the benefits of Nx technology for the most natural sound and convenience with lithium-ion rechargeability and wireless connectivity.

Sleek design: The Pure Charge&Go Nx delivers Signia’s highest hearing performance in a discreet design that sits almost unnoticeably behind the ears.

Compatible with the Sole Fashion Martens Buckle Boots Zipper Thick KingRover Women's up Black Boots Rubber Strap Lace CROS Pure 312 Nx to offer a natural experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.
Fashion Buckle Boots Boots Zipper Martens KingRover Strap up Women's Sole Thick Rubber Lace Black

Cellion primax

  • Uses lithium-ion power cell. Contactless, inductive charging begins as soon as it is placed in the charger and turns off automatically once removed
  • Works for 24 hours. Even with continuous use and unlimited streaming
  • Unique design. OneShell design has been rated IP68 for water and dirt-resistance**
  • Remote control option: Cellion™ can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl™ App

Pure Primax

  • Directional microphones: Improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of you, while reducing sounds from other directions
  • Charging contacts: For recharging Pure® and avoiding handling batteries
  • Wireless Connectivity for use with Lace KingRover Boots Thick Rubber Buckle Zipper Martens Boots Black Fashion Sole Strap Women's up Bluetooth® enabled devices via EasyTek™ and EasyTek App
  • Remote control option: Pure can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl App

Motion SX Primax

  • Directional microphones: Improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of you
  • Charging contacts: For recharging (MotionKingRover Black Boots Boots Rubber Thick Fashion Zipper up Sole Martens Strap Lace Women's Buckle ® SX only) and avoiding handling batteries
  • Remote control option: Motion can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl App

Carat primax

  • Directional microphones: Improve speech understanding even in noisy surroundings by focusing on speaker in front of you
  • Charging contacts: Optional rechargeable model for those who don’t want to handle batteries
  • Wireless connectivity: Ease of audio streaming and remote control use via easyTek™ and easyTek™ App
  • Remote control option: Carat can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl™ App


Muse iQ

WithZPower,® you can enjoy continuous stable and uninterrupted use throughout your day. With rechargeable solutions, you can also avoid the hassle of disposable batteries.You simply set yourMuse™ iQ or Muse micro RIC 312thearing aids on the ZPower charger overnight, instead of replacing your batteries every few days.


Moxi Fit R

Meet the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid. Award-winning design meets ultimate convenience and the best conversations. It’s the perfect choice for active people looking for a discreet and easy-to-use hearing aid.

Boots Black Zipper Buckle Fashion KingRover Strap Rubber Women's Sole Lace up Thick Martens Boots Features

  • Charge overnight and enjoy 24+ hours* of uninterrupted listening
  • One rechargeable battery lasts a whole year, replacing up to 100traditional batteries
  • Rechargeable battery cell is 100% recyclable
  • Rubber Boots Women's Black Strap Buckle Zipper KingRover Boots Thick Lace up Fashion Martens Sole Revolutionary technology provides crystal clear conversations and natural sound quality
  • Simplest hearing aid
Zipper Boots KingRover Black Sole up Martens Women's Lace Boots Fashion Buckle Thick Rubber Strap


The eCharger refreshes, dehumidifies, and recharges your hearing aids overnight for maximum performance every day – up to 18 hours of daily use.

Hansaton AQ Rechargeables

Experience hearing freedom at the absolutely highest level and feel good about making an environmentally friendly choice. And with no battery to change, handling the hearing aid is so simple! AQ Rechargeables offer a five-year rechargeable battery guarantee and an outstanding design. AQ In-The-Ear hearing system, custom-built, practically invisible and always ready for you to use.

  • Overcharging is not possible, no moisture expansion of the cells.
  • Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries do not contain any mercury, lead, or cadmium.
  • All rechargeable batteries are inspected individually before being integrated into the device.
  • HANSATON provides a five-year guarantee on the rechargeable battery.
  • Size-13 high-power rechargeable batteries provide long-lasting performance.
  • Multimedia connection via Bluetooth over the miniMedia and Media remote controls are available.
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